About Us

Welcome to the driving force behind Jurimesh, where expertise and innovation converge to reshape the landscape of legal research. Our dynamic duo, Jorrit Willaert and Jasper De Moor, brings a perfect blend of academic prowess and seasoned experience to the table.

Our Founders
Jorrit Willaert - Commercial Brain & Customer Success

Jorrit studied computer science with a specialization in AI. However, his focus within Jurimesh lies in the commercial aspect: forging partnerships, collecting and aggregating data, and developing strategies to propel Jurimesh to new heights.

Jasper De Moor - Product Master & Cybersecurity Expert

With a background in cybersecurity and 5 years of work experience at renowned companies such as CodeSandbox, Faktion, and Adobe (San Francisco), Jasper has an in-depth understanding of building complete AI applications. His full dedication to the product aspect ensures that we not only meet but exceed user expectations.

Collaboration in Perfection

The synergy between Jorrit's commercial insight and Jasper's technical prowess forms the beating heart of Jurimesh. By combining technology and legal expertise, we aim to create a future where legal research is not only efficient but transformative.

Our Office

With headquarters in the beautiful city of Ghent, our team comes together to build the future of LegalTech.